Snowflake Earrings #5

14k Rose Gold and Sterling Silver With Garnets
My snowflake collection is so named because I make each piece by rearranging small shapes that I've created into infinite new designs. This collection is very dear to my heart because it is how I got my start in making jewelry as a little girl. My mother taught me to bend, hammer, file, design and torch solder silver with this project when I was 11 or 12, so this is how I learned of and fell in love with metal and fire. Once I had perfected this technique I was making dozens and dozens of these 'snowflakes', as I began to call them, and they quickly became a regular sell out in the jewelry art gallery that my parents' owned in the arts district of Columbus Ohio. I will always cherish my snowflakes for the memories of receiving my lifelong passion for design and micro metal sculpture, and for the happy memories of working with my talented mother.

From the romantic Victorian inspired collection: Sonnet
Handmade by Marla Trudine