Spiral Galaxy Earrings

18k Green Gold and 14k Rose Gold with Multi-Colored Tourmalines and Quartz Crystal
Approximately 4 inches long, post fittings

From the aerial inspired collection: Dancers
Handmade by Marla Trudine

A Note on Color and Karat
Green gold has a very subtle color difference from yellow gold. It has a slightly cooler hue which is a lovely compliment to many gemstones and also plays well with rose gold. The blend of 14k and 18k in my work is due to the differing assets of the metal compositions and my preference for color in each sculpture. I generally use 18k when I am working in yellow and green gold because of the rich gold color that the high karat produces. I usually use 14k for rose and white gold because the color is not improved in 18k, and 14k provides a strength that is an asset as well.