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Seahorse Pendant


Hand-carved Ethiopian Opal Necklace, with 14k Rose Gold and White Gold, Seahorse Pendant

This whimsical and imaginative ethiopian opal necklace fuels the imagination and brings a joyful smile to the eyes of every viewer.

There is a great deal of powerful symbolism in the seahorse, which is no surprise, considering it is one of the most fascinating creatures in the sea.

The seahorse mates for life and the male carries the eggs, thus invoking the strength of a meaningful and lasting partnership, an equality in relationship, as well as strength in parenting and guidance.

It also symbolizes and stimulates the symbiotic relationship between masculine and feminine energies in the wearer.

From the creature inspired collection: Flutter

Handmade by Marla Trudine

*This piece is no longer available. For a custom made piece inspired by this one please contact me.