• Marla Trudine - One of a Kind, Handmade Fashion Jewelry

    Thank you for visiting my website of art jewelry. My name is Marla Trudine, and I am a jeweler and metal-smith living in Ohio, OH. I learned the craft of jewelry design, fabrication, and gold and silver smithing from my mother, an accomplished goldsmith and silversmith, when I was a child, and it quickly became my lifelong passion. I have been working with precious metals and beautiful precious stones since the age of ten. I gained my extensive knowledge of gemstones from my father who is a gemologist and jeweler as well. Drawing inspiration from both of my parents, I became a skilled jeweler and started selling stylish jewelry in art galleries when I was a teenager.

    I specialize in creating one-of-a-kind, handmade, high fashion art jewelry in my private studio in Ohio, OH, using all sustainable recycled gold and silver. Every piece is made by me, using the ancient jewelry-making process of hand fabrication. This means that I work with the metals themselves to create each piece, rather than working in wax to make a mold that is then converted into metal. There are a few pieces that I have made into molds after I created them by hand in gold, but that is very rare, and each piece is still handmade by me and completely unique. All of the pieces that you will see when you explore my work started out as a piece of flat gold or silver sheet, or varying types of gold and silver wire, that were bent, sawed out, hammered, formed, shaped, and soldered personally by me.

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  • A delicate look, a powerful feeling...

    Wearable Sculptures Created in the Spirit of Whimsey, in Celebration of Overt and Unapologetic Feminity.

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    I look forward to creating a shopping experience as personal to you as these pieces are to me.