5 unique Boho Style Jewelry

5 unique Boho Style Jewelry

Bohemian style jewelry, or Boho, the shorter-term used to denote it is one of the hottest jewelry making styles of this year. Boho jewelry has been often seen on celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Blake Lively, something which has had a large influence on their millions of jewelry loving fans around the world.

There might be various categories or subcategories that Bohemian jewelry might ascribe to, such as statement jewelry, or initial jewelry, and various other jewelry making styles that have vivid unconventional designs. An accurate parameter used to identify these pieces is often only the ability to stand out; Boho jewelry pieces are unconventional and stand out regardless of occasion and crowd.

What does Boho mean?

The term Boho is the shortened form of Bohemian, which is more a concept than a particular jewelry-making style. The word Bohemian means ‘unconventional’, which opens up a wide range of possibilities as far as Bohemian jewelry is concerned. As a result, there is a wide variety of boho earrings and bracelets available in the market. Further, there are boho necklaces and boho rings as well! Each of these pieces has the ability to stand out, regardless of occasion and crowd!

In simple terms, Boho jewelry is characterized on the basis of its artistic quality. It is a modern unconventional form of jewelry that is personal and characteristic of the person wearing it. Traditionally, the term was used to refer to the free-spirited wanderers or adventurers who were generally artists, singers, or travelers. Bohemian jewelry can be unusual and have artistically creative designs that are more suitable for casual and everyday wear.

In this article, we will look at five unique boho jewelry pieces that have sold like hotcakes, over the past year or so. These include boho bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

5 Unique Boho Style Jewelry: 


1. Holly Blue Heart Necklace: 

As far as being unconventional is concerned, there is not a lot more craftsmen can do than making a piece that resembles a beautiful butterfly! The Holly Blue Heart necklace features a heart-shaped Morganite stone in the center also resembles the body of a butterfly.

butterfly necklace

The butterfly’s wings are made of aventurine and have a rose gold-inner structure with white metal loops that together create a breathtaking piece that is bound to be noticed, wherever you go!

The piece represents freedom and an adventurous spirit, as each piece is handcrafted, every butterfly that you get is unique, and one of a kind!


2. Silver Waterfall Bracelet: 

Although the piece doesn’t represent a beautiful butterfly or any other living being, the silver waterfall bracelet is unique and conventional on the basis of its design alone!

It has an open free-flowing silver design that seems to have a life of its own when worn.

Further, what sets the design apart is its ability to stand out on its own, and the versatility that allows it to be worn with different kinds of attires and other jewelry. If that does not convince you of its beauty, the same design is available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold color options. This means that you can find a waterfall bracelet to go with all kinds of clothes and jewelry styles!


3. Rose Pearl Pod Pendant: 

The one complaint that women tend to have with Bohemian style jewelry is that most available pieces are too bright and shiny. The often-found tackiness in these pieces might make you think twice about wearing them, and may also limit the attires and jewelry pieces that they go with.

rose gold pendant

However, the unconventional Rose Pearl pod pendant attempts to solve that precise problem. The necklace features a line of rose gold pearls and has a whimsical metal structure that is tender and easy on the eyes. It is inspired by nature and has life-like curves and curls that represent leaves, or peas in a pod. Overall, it is a beautiful boho-style piece that is suitable for women who like less shiny jewelry.


4. Dancer Stacking Ring in White with White Diamonds: 

Creating Bohemian styled designs with respect to rings is always a more difficult task due to the rings’ small size. This makes it difficult for women to find the right piece even when they want to buy rings that are unconventional.

artistic engagement rings

The dancer stacking ring(s) solves that problem! First and foremost, it is a set of two conjoined rings featuring a long line of white diamonds that represent the inter-joining of two lives. The rings have long white metal lines swirling around the piece and can be worn separately as well. It is quite the perfect ring-set for couples looking for rings that are unconventional, and yet personal.


5. Water and sky Pendant: 

Like some of the other items on this list, the water and sky pendant also seeks inspiration from nature. It features a blue zircon background that can represent the sky or the ocean’s waves and has a yellow gold bird soaring in the front. Further, there are opals and pieces of dangling white gold that hang from the bottom of the structure, and represent moving water or the subtle clouds in the sky.

sapphire pendant

What sets the water and sky pendant apart from other Boho necklaces is that all that mentioned design intricacies have been perfectly captured in a non-bulky piece that will comfortably fit the palm of your hand. If that is not enough, I must tell you about the healing and medicinal properties that are traditionally associated with the Larimar stone. They are said to bring calm and peace to the wearer, which is always an added bonus!



That concludes our list of Boho-inspired pieces! Each of these is unique and only has 100% natural stones sourced from dependable sources all around the world. My name is Marla Trudine, and all the designs we talked about have been created by me. Further, I personally handcraft each piece, and every product is made in America! You can check out my website for similar Boho jewelry products, and all new designs that I constantly am working on. Finally, you can also order custom designs!

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