Best Handcrafted Jewelry | American-made

Best Handcrafted Jewelry | American-made

Marla Trudine Handmade Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry has always been a part of our wardrobe in some way. Everyone owns at least one piece of handcrafted jewelry from the beautiful pieces you purchase to the ones given by loved ones. There is something about a handmade piece that draws our attention in a way that no other jewelry can. My hypothesis is that the catalyst that elevates an everyday object to a visual masterpiece is the intimate relationship between artist and craftsmanship. It is this spirit of handcrafted jewelry that provides value and character in each piece, unlike their counterparts produced in mass manufacturing.

What gives handcrafted jewelry its unrivaled uniqueness is the attention to detail and extreme focus skilled craftsmen. Be it handmade necklaces, metal hoops, earrings, bracelets, and rings in metal, gold, or diamond, craftsmen invest hours on accessories to ensure its uniqueness in style and pattern. The time and attention do not go in vain as every minute, hour, and day spent establishes a high aesthetic value.

In other words, handcrafted jewelry celebrates the beauty that machine-made jewelry lacks. The beauty, significance, and humanity of each piece can only be attained by real-life experience and cannot be taught to a machine simply. Because of the extra care and attention that artisans commit in perfecting their own personal art, each piece reveals itself to be of higher quality than those made by machines, in both a technical and spiritual sense. This is especially true as artisans have more opportunity to utilize rare and beautiful loose gemstones in smaller batch productions. You can see these qualities and many other benefits of handmade jewelry in the following handmade pieces.

Here is a list of Handcrafted jewelryAmerican-made:

1. Opal Bracelet - Handmade Bracelet

Opal Bracelet

This fitted handmade bracelet displays beautiful and luminous Ethiopian opals in 18k yellow gold. Add a fashionable finishing touch to any outfit with this eye-catching bracelet, bringing a whole new meaning to elegance with Its sleek style. This one of a kind Curvy bangle bracelet is handcrafted beautifully with stunning opals.

Bracelets are items of jewelry and are often associated with fashion and are used by women to complement her style. Like other jewelry objects, bracelets develop different meanings and symbols depending on the person, molding its characteristics on the values of its wearer. Even a single bracelet has significance in many other cultures as it acts as a portal for one’s spirituality.

Opal is an emotional stone that represents the wearer's mood. It is known to intensify impulses and release inhibitions, promoting both independence and autonomy. Opals strengthen celestial perception and intensify spiritual and supernatural connections, stimulating originality and imagination. It helps release frustration and assert self-worth, thus helping to reach and communicate one's true self. 

2. Dragon Phoenix - Phoenix pendant

Dragon Phoenix

Phoenixes, which are mythological birds reborn from their ashes after exploding into flames, are the spiritual embodiment of new birth, sunshine, and rebirth. Such long-lived firebirds make an appearance here in our segment of Flutter, which showcases both phoenix and dragon in shimmering gemstones. Enthusiasts in fantasy and magic will admire these motifs in the meticulous craftsmanship of this beautiful phoenix jewelry piece.

Looking closely, you can see the interplay of elements singing the phoenix’s melody with 14k rose and white gold with tourmalines, tsavorite garnet, rubies, natural blue zircon, and sapphire stones,

3. Holly Blue Heart - Blue butterfly necklace

Blue butterfly necklace

This beautiful and whimsical 14k Rose and White Gold Blue butterfly necklace pendant boasts a winged butterfly composed of Morganite. It is beautifully handcrafted with a butterfly theme to invoke an emotion of a heart flutter. When your heart flutters, our beautiful butterfly necklace will flutter with you.

This piece features both a sweet butterfly pendant and chain. As a standalone item, it can elevate any look but can also compliment other chains to develop a unique layering style.

4. Wave Wedding Set - Diamond Wave Ring

Wave Wedding Set

Two can become one when the diamond wave surrounds the solitaire.

The engagement and wedding ring set is an open ring designed to be versatile and equally as stunning when set with a round, oval, or pear-shaped stone. It is shown here with a round 1ct sized stone as an engagement ring, with a wave of diamonds surrounding it as a wedding band. The engagement ring is beautiful on its own but draws special energy when the diamond wave wedding band surrounds it.

Wedding and engagement rings are intimate and tell a story no other piece of jewelry can. They are a physical reminder to one’s vows and commitment to their significant other. It is so uncommon for one to develop a relationship and mutual love with a partner, and in many ways that makes marriage sacred. And such is the vows. It is more than just a pledge or declaration. Rather, it is a promise. It is a promise to surround beauty with more beauty and bring out a greater radiance than originally shown. Much like how the diamond wave and solitaire are beautiful on their own, but really come alive when together.

When a love is so special and unlike others, so should be your rings. Rings should make your love stand out as there is no other feeling like that. Something so unique should be represented by something unique itself; a handcrafted wedding ring set. This wave set is special as both rings accentuate each other’s beauty.

5. Flight - Bird jewelry

Bird jewelry

Zircon is a natural gemstone and one of my favorite stones to work with because of its amazing sparkle and color. Zircon comes in several colors but its beauty truly awakens in blue and aqua.

Zircon was once believed to help the wearer rest and offer an opportunity for wealth, prestige, and knowledge. Nowadays Zircon is commonly used for its power to improve self-confidence and self-appreciation, drawing power from its ability to unlock the heart and invigorate compassion. Considered to be a foundation stone that provides direction when one is spiritually lost, Zircon provides one with the ability to attain drive.

By pairing zircon with graceful bird imagery, we have made a piece that embodies one's ability to release themselves from inhibitions and take flight in goals previously thought improbable. 


In its very nature, handcrafted jewelry is designed with a vision to connect with one's own spirituality. From the time and patience to develop a piece, the craftsmanship truly shines in the visual and spiritual imagery that is built from years of artistry and life experience that only a real human being can truly understand. 

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