Nature Inspired Rings | Unique Rings

Nature Inspired Rings | Unique Rings

Nature inspired jewelry is a trending phenomenon of 2020. Nature is beautiful, wild, magnificent, dynamic, and full of inspiration. The natural world 's mysterious forms and colors have inspired all types of artists including jewelry designers. Jewelry designers emulate their natural world through their creation and try to give everyone the exquisite reflection of earth's beauty.

Nature has really amazed us with its overwhelming power and elegance. Simplistic as well as complex, natural types are a constant source of inspiration. There’s no wonder why naturally occurring elements have inspired the creation of many exquisite pieces of art, including jewelry. Jewelry inspired by nature is a wonderful way of expressing the beauty of the natural environment around us.

Marla is one jeweler inspired by nature and puts the focus on the magnificence and beauty of the world with her nature's jewelry. She has brought things a little further by adorning beautifully crafted items with glittering jewels and crafted them one at a time making them one-of-a-kind.

Here you'll find a range of unique rings, hoops, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets; each encapsulating different elements that sometimes go unnoticed.

The beautiful dewdrop, exquisite butterfly, and flower charm are just some of the inspirations you'll see in the jewelry pieces handcrafted by Marla Trudine. These patterns are designed to emulate her inspirations with luminous gems, including garnet, emerald, diamond, blue sapphire, and many other natural gemstones.

List of Nature inspired rings, Unique rings:

1. Ruby and Tsavorite ring set
                             Ruby and Tsavorite ring set
Two ring sets that can adorn your fingers in multiple ways, stack these rings together to symbolize the intertwining of two lives, or collect them as a well-deserved gift to yourself. Inspired by themes of duality common in nature, this set is truly a visual masterpiece and a beautiful example of nature themed rings.
Let these bright green tsavorites, sparkling rubies, and elegant rose gold lines swirl and dance across your finger and around. While this piece is funny, playful, and spontaneous, it is elegant, sophisticated, and simple. They look as beautiful separate as they do together and compliment one another side by side.
Even one ring is an incredible surprise but truly comes alive when paired with the other.
Emerald is one of the rarest and most valuable of the green gemstones. But its preeminence is challenged by an even rarer gem from Africa, the chrome green tsavorite garnet. While emeralds continue to be a classic gem, many gemologists would argue that fine tsavorite is in many ways superior to all but the very finest emeralds.
Compared to emerald, tsavorite is a more brilliant and fiery gem, with color saturation that can only be matched by the finest emeralds. While emerald tends to have a sleepy look, due to its lower refractive index and many inclusions, fine tsavorite is relatively clean and transparent with twice the dispersion or fire of emerald.
Unlike emerald, tsavorite is always completely natural and untreated. Because of its many surface-reaching inclusions, emerald is almost always fracture-filled with oil or resins.

      2. Garnet Ring

Garnet Ring

This Rip Tide Ring in Rose gold features an exquisite metal design embellished with Brilliant Pave Diamonds and Rhodolite Garnet. The sensual, fluid design wraps around the finger as a complete sculpture and is beautiful at every angle. This beautiful handmade ring by Marla Trudine is inspired by the natural oscillations of the waves.

This ring was originally fabricated by Marla in gold and is remade in the form of the original so that it could be made in other colors with other stones. The ring pictured is available now and you can order it in white or yellow gold as well as with a different stone.

It would also look amazing with black diamonds, but the variations are only as limited as the variations of beautiful stones we have in the earth!


        3. Sapphire Wave Wedding Ring Set

Sapphire Wave Wedding Ring Set


Two become one when the white wave surrounds the blue solitaire.

The engagement ring mounting is an open ring. It is designed to be versatile and looks equally stunning when set with a round, oval, or pear shaped stone. It is shown here with a brilliant oval cut blue sapphire. It is beautiful on its own but truly comes alive when joined by the wave wedding band that fits around it. The band is gorgeous in shining white gold, as shown here, and also stunning when set with pavé diamonds.


4, Dancer Stacking Ring

In this Dancer Stacking Ring, these shimmering diamonds and sleek white gold lines dance and swirl across and around your finger. They look as beautiful separately as they do together, but they complement each other while side by side. Wearing one is a stunning surprise but together it truly comes to life in a new way.

This 14k white gold and diamond stacked ring is customizable with yellow or rose gold options at any size.


         5. Marquise Rose Ring

Marquise Rose Ring

This is a beautiful Marquise Cut Imperial Topaz in 14k Rose Gold and 18k Yellow Gold. Drawing beauty from the delicate visuality of a rose, this ring’s gem boasts a unique color similar to the natural flower itself.

This stone, Imperial Topaz, is the highest grade of topaz and is rarer than the widely known topaz with smokey brown shades. Imperial Topaz is naturally peach, unlike common topaz with the color-treated blue and pink tones!



Today the sensation for nature inspired jewelry is at an all-time high. We discussed nature inspired rings and how the natural world inspiring the creation of these extravagant and unique rings. These beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry at the Marla Trudine Jewelry Website. You can also come to visit our store, located in Los Angeles, United States.




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