The Popular Jewelry Trends in 2020

The Popular Jewelry Trends in 2020

Jewelry is often the key behind making or breaking a particular look. There are innumerable categories and types of designs that can be worn with different kinds of clothes to create looks fit for all types of occasions. However, like various other kinds of fashion related industries, the jewelry industry has also seen cyclical trends that keep on returning after particular periods of time.

On the other hand, various other trends seem to be always popular. This might be because of genuine uniqueness and craftsmanship, or for simpler reasons such as celebrities preferring to wear a particular style or piece.

Further, there are quite a few new popular jewelry trends that have gained traction over the last few months and years. With changing lifestyles and cultures worldwide, women and men have been seen to show a greater tendency to try out different kinds of pieces. This has led to the Anglicization of earlier jewelry styles, apart from the creation of new.

Another factor that has worked to create more variety in jewelry pieces is the existence of better tools and machinery which allows more vivid designs to be carved out of metals and gemstones. Needless to say, there are quite a few new Jewelry trends that have emerged over the past year. 

Let us move ahead with the popular jewelry trends in 2020:

1. Gemstone jewelry: 

Nowadays, the saying “Classy girls wear pearls” has got some real life inspiration, and more and more women have been looking to wear jewelry decorated with gemstones. Gemstones jewelry includes colorful beaded necklaces, larger than life rings, and other oversized necklaces.

Further, gemstones are unique, have vivid intricacies and considerable historic value. Gemstones have been used for jewelry purposes since thousands of years, and have gained popularity over the past few years.

Another aspect that works to make these pieces more attractive is that certain types of gemstones are associated with certain sun-signs, and have been observed to transfer good energy and positivity. Moreover, other gemstones have been traditionally seen to have certain medical benefits. Hence, Gemstone jewelry is not just easy on the eye, it is beneficial for one’s health, as well.

2. Statement Jewelry:

opal ring

Another popular trend that has gained traction amongst women recently is statement jewelry. It includes various styles of popular necklaces and the biggest gold chains!

In theory, statement jewelry refers to larger than life oversized jewelry which more than often has a specific message or story behind it. Statement jewelry is more of an umbrella category which will have elements of different jewelry making styles.

The use of bright colorful gemstones and metals along with specific designs and images are common in statement jewelry. Further, the most popular category of statement jewelry is quite easily ‘statement rings’. They are known for their visual and other properties, and have large oversized designs that are impossible to go unnoticed!

3. Minimalistic jewelry: 

seahorse pendant

Minimalism is a large spread movement that has gained considerable traction among celebrities and communities alike and is a popular trend. Since the last decade, lots of people have shunned the use of things that they do not actually need. They disregard the culture of materialism and only use things that they actually need.

Following suit, minimalistic jewelry refers to jewelry that has underlined stories, imagery or an unsaid aura that does not need the use of bulky or easy to notice features. Minimalistic jewelry might feature gemstones or diamonds, but do so in an understated way which attracts attention without actually using much of the ‘visual space’.

4. Boho Style Jewelry:

butterfly necklace

The reasons Bohemian style jewelry has not really seen a decrease in popularity for much of the past decade is because various celebrities are often found sporting Boho pieces. While statement jewelry is characterized by its use of oversized diamonds and other gemstones, Boho style jewelry has unconventional designs that employ creative design elements.

Boho style pieces might also ascribe to other categories of jewelry, and may have specific engravings or initials. Traditionally, Boho style jewelry was associated with travellers and wanderers who wore pieces that had a certain mysticism attached to them. Today, these pieces have become increasingly common and make for good gifts on a variety of occasions. Further, Boho-style jewelry pieces are highly versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits.

5. Eternity Rings: 


Another never-dying trend that has a lot of historic significance is Eternity Rings. Every year, particularly during the wedding season, thousands of men around the world buy eternity rings to confess their love to their partners.

There are not many standalone pieces that have more symbolic value than eternity rings. On their own, they are stunning pieces of jewelry that are versatile and fit for everyday wear. Eternity rings often have dazzling diamonds or colorful gemstones are available in a variety of cuts and styles.

Of late, there has been a considerable spike in the overall jewelry sales around the world, and as always eternity rings have registered consistent sales.


What kind of jewelry is most popular?

This is one question people often ask on the internet, and well, is impossible to answer. Comparing the sales of wedding-related jewelry such as diamond rings, eternity bands or different trends with mainstream jewelry categories is a tad unfair, considering the sheer number of weddings that happen every year. Moreover, certain options like different rose gold trends are popular across different jewelry categories.

The one useful advice that jewelry enthusiasts often give is that it is the wearer who determines the type of jewelry. As is true for most other things, you should choose the type of jewelry you feel most comfortable in. It is the confidence and personality of the wearer that determines how good the piece will look, or not.

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