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18k Gold Tipped Silver Cocktail Straw

18k Gold Tipped Silver Cocktail Straw

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Short Drinking Straw in 18k Yellow Gold and Silver
The easy to carry short drinking straw is perfect for rocks, martini and even wine glasses.
Yes, even wine. Save your lipstick and your teeth!
Each straw is handmade one at a time so no two are exactly the same.
Save the turtles and shrink your footprint with intriguing style.
The perfect unique accessory to help you express the ethical, ecological, sophisticated, elegant, artistic, fabulous person that you are, all while sipping your favorite beverage.
Can be made with rose, yellow, or green gold embellishments.  
All straws are made of high purity silver, (more pure than sterling), so the silver will tarnish minimally and much more slowly than sterling silver. The straws all have gold tips which protect the edges from damage so that they can be carried and enjoyed for years and years. None of the straws are gold plated and all gold areas are handmade solid gold pieces.
Gift yourself or surprise a conscientious and fabulous friend/loved one with a unique new favorite accessory.
All straws come with a case and cleaner for easy use. Hand wash with dish soap.
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  • A delicate look, a powerful feeling...

    Wearable Sculptures Created in the Spirit of Whimsey, in Celebration of Overt and Unapologetic Feminity.

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