Ruby and Tsavorite Stacking Ring Set

Ruby and Tsavorite Stacking Ring Set

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14k Rose Gold, Rubies and Green Tsavorite Garnet
Stacking Ring Set
A two ring set that can adorn your finger(s) in multiple ways, stack these rings together to symbolize the joining of two intertwining lives, or collect them as a well deserved gift to yourself.
Let these vibrant green tsavorites, brilliant rubies and sleek rose gold lines dance and swirl across and around your finger. Fun, playful, and spontaneous, yet elegant, sophisticated and simple, they look as beautiful separate as they do together, and they compliment each other while side by side. One is a stunning surprise, but add the other and it comes to life in a new way.

From the aerial inspired collection: Dancers
Handmade by Marla Trudine

A note on tsavorite:
Emerald has always been the rarest and most valuable of the green gemstones. But its preeminence is challenged by an even rarer gem from Africa, the chrome green tsavorite garnet. While emerald continues to be a classic gem, many gem dealers would argue that fine tsavorite is in many ways superior to all but the very finest emeralds.
Compared to emerald, tsavorite is a more brilliant and fiery gem, with color saturation that can be matched by only the finest emeralds. Where emerald tends to have a sleepy look, due to its lower refractive index and many inclusions, fine tsavorite is relatively clean and transparent with twice the dispersion (fire) of emerald.
Unlike emerald, tsavorite is always completely natural and untreated. Because of its many surface-reaching inclusions, emerald is almost always fracture-filled with oil or resins.
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  • A delicate look, a powerful feeling...

    Wearable Sculptures Created in the Spirit of Whimsey, in Celebration of Overt and Unapologetic Feminity.

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