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Spessartite and Opal Dancer Earrings

Spessartite and Opal Dancer Earrings

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18k Yellow Gold with 7.30ct Total Weight of Spessartites and 0.52ct Total Weight of Opals
These dangling earrings are full of light and warmth
Spessartite garnet belongs to the large and varied mineral group of garnet. Its name is derived from former occurrences in the German "Spessart" Forest. In the past, garnets were exchanged between friends to symbolize their affection, and to ensure they meet again.

From the aerial inspired collection: Dancers
Handmade by Marla Trudine
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  • A delicate look, a powerful feeling...

    Wearable Sculptures Created in the Spirit of Whimsey, in Celebration of Overt and Unapologetic Feminity.

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