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Spring Necklace

Spring Necklace

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Keshi Pearls, Peridot Briolettes and Diamonds Pouring Out of 18k Yellow Gold Floral Sculpture
From the flora inspired collection: Nectar
Handmade by Marla Trudine
*This piece is custom made to order. There will be slight differences between your custom designed piece and the one shown here, as each piece is hand formed and one of a kind. Please be patient with the 3-5 weeks it will take for me to make each custom order. Upon receipt of order, I will contact you quickly to discuss the details of your unique piece to make sure it is right, just for you.
The seed pearls found when harvesting the Japanese Akoya oysters resemble poppy seeds, which in Japanese is called keshi. These unique pearls who are named after poppies are also known as "gifts of the mermaids''. Freshwater pearls are sometimes called keshi pearls, but true keshi pearls are saltwater pearls from Japanese Akoya Oysters. More than 500 years ago, keshi pearls were very popular among the Maharajahs of India and with the princesses of the Arabian kingdoms. Found in their surrounding seas, these “gifts of the mermaids,” were worn with pride and associated with royalty. 

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  • A delicate look, a powerful feeling...

    Wearable Sculptures Created in the Spirit of Whimsey, in Celebration of Overt and Unapologetic Feminity.

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